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The way your staff answer the telephone projects the image of your company

The telephone is, for most organisations, the first line of communication with your customers and suppliers. Customers can often form an impression of the whole organisation from the quality of one call. We believe that it is the people that make the difference which is why we have trainers who combine workplace expertise with a passion to present skills that literally change peoples lives. As a beginning we are therefore offering a;-

One day - BASIC TELEPHONE TECHNIQUES COURSE - Monday 23 rd January 2006

The objectives of the course are to
i) Create a confident, personalised service on the phone
ii) Describe best practice at key stage of the call
iii) Sound confident and generate confidence
iv) Control and guide the call
v) Handle difficult situations on the telephone

Course Overview
i) Creating a professional image on the telephone –advantages and limitations of telephone communications. Key stages of a call (answering, handovers, concluding)Sounding professional in voice and words
ii) Controlling a call and gaining information-Questioning and listening effectively. The importance of checkback. Shortening a lengthy call
iii) Managing difficult situations-handling dissatisfaction with ease. Screening calls

For further details/ itinerary and to reserve your place on the course –please complete the [attached form ]

Mary Streather
Programme Director

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